Tertiary Institutions

Goals of Tertiary Education:-

  • Training high level technical, managerial and professional personnel for all sectors of national life.
  • Generating\r\n advanced knowledge and innovations through research and to be able to \r\ntranslate or adapt them to local and Ugandan situations.
  • Intensify the provision of public services through expanded extra-mural or extension work and consultancy services.
  • Develop\r\n the intellectual capacities of students to understand their local \r\nnational environment objectively and appreciate to develop the same;
  • Promote the development of an indigenous scientific and technological capacity needed for tackling the problems of development;
  • Equip\r\n the students with knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them to \r\njoin the world of work as useful members of their communities and the \r\nnation at large, especially through being.