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The First Lady was meeting a team from the Asia-PacificCentre of Education for International Understanding led by the Director Dr.Utak Chung who paid a courtesy call on her at State House Nakasero on Friday.They were accompanied by Rosie Agoi the Secretary General Uganda NationalCommission for UNESCO.   

The team from the Asia-Pacific Centre of Education forInternational Understanding based in Seoul South Korea was in Uganda to conductcapacity building workshops for Ministry of Education and Sports officials,selected Head teachers, teachers and other stakeholders on the integrationof GCED into thecurriculum. They are working in collaboration with the Uganda NationalCommission for UNESCO (UNATCOM) and the National Curriculum Development Centre(NCDC).

Mrs. Museveni said that the project is good and timely as itwill teach Ugandans, especially the children, how to build a global community.She also noted that Uganda has a lot to learn from South Korea.

Dr. Utak Chung Director APCEIU said that Global CitizenshipEducation aims to be transformative, building the knowledge, skills, values andattitudes that learners need to be able to contribute to a more inclusive, justand peaceful world.   He added that inorder to strengthen GCED in the education system, it is imperative that it is integrated inthe existing curriculum materials.

Dr. Utak Chung gave a lot of encouragement for activeparticipation in Global Citizenship Education because Uganda was selected asthe only African country to pilot GCED.

He said the Asia-PacificCentre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) and the InternationalBureau for Education (IBE) agreed on a three-year project under the theme of:“Global Citizenship Education Curriculum Development and Integration” targetingCambodia, Colombia, Mongolia and Uganda.

Dr.Utak Chung appreciated the Ministry of Education for signing the MoU forimplementation of this project in the country.