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Issue Date: 25th, July 2017   
The Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) has received financial support from the World Bank to support the implementation of Uganda Skills Development Project (USDP). The USDP is designed to support the MoES implement key reforms envisaged under the Skilling Uganda Strategic Plan (2012/13 to 2021/22), and it targeted investment programs on meeting the skills needs of few priority sectors (i.e. Agriculture, Construction and Manufacturing). One of these reforms is targeted at enhancing the quality and relevance of skills acquired by trainees from the supported BTVET institutions.

The Development objective of the project is to enhance the capacity of institutions to deliver high quality -demand driven training programmes in targeted sector.  The project therefore, intends to support 4 Institutions (i.e. UTC Lira, UTC Bushenyi, UTC Elgon and Bukalasa Agricultural College-BAC), to eventually become Centres of Excellence and together with 12 networking Vocational Institutes to deliver high quality programmes within the institutions. The achievement of the project to have delivery of high quality programmes in the targeted BTVET institutions would be measured among others by the level of placement on to the market of graduates of selected institutions across the country, employment status of the graduates, level of income, as well as employers satisfaction with the training offered during the project life time.

These targeted BTVET Colleges have for many years been producing a number of graduates in various occupations/ disciplines and fields. However, in terms of training outcomes, no specific tracer study has been conducted to evaluate the impact of these training programmes on the graduates and the relevance of it to the labour markets; the employment status of these graduates; as well as assessing the employer’s level satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the training offered. 

To provide a baseline upon which relevance and effectiveness of the USDP project in terms of outcomes, would be measured/evaluated, the MoES intends to apply part of the funds from the USDP project to procure the services of a consultant to undertake a comprehensive tracer study. This study will deliver baseline data for the project indicators (which may not be in the Results framework) but would play an important role in the impact assessment of the project at the end. This indicators would include employment and income status of graduates, job placements, employer’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the quality of graduates or with the quality of skills provided from the selected institutions prior to the project commencement.

Please download the attached Terms of Reference for more information on the consultancy 

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