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Issue Date: 4th, January 2017   
In compliance with the regulations governing Pension management in the Public service, it is a requirement that all pensioners who have earned pension for an aggregated period of 15years should submit life certificate on annual basis to confirm their existence as a basis for continued remittance of their pension benefits.
All affected pensioners are therefore advised to fill life certificates obtainable from the office of the Chief Administrative Officer and submit them to the Ministry of Education and Sports not later than 5:00pm 20th January, 2017
In the meantime, Pension Payment to the listed pensioners is hereby suspended pending receipt of the necessary life certificates, which should be accompanied with a photocopy of the Pensionerís National Identity Card.

With respect to Ministry of Education and Sports, Below is the list of pensioners falling in this category.

Please download the attached document to view the list...

Download PDF Attachment
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