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Issue Date: 29th, December 2016   
The Government of Uganda (GOU) received a grant of US$100 million from the International Development Association (World Bank), acting as Supervising Entity for the Global Partnership for Education Fund, for the Uganda Teacher and School Effectiveness Project (UTSEP).

The Project Development Objective for UTSEP is to support the Government of Uganda in improving teacher and school effectiveness in the public primary education system.

The project beneficiaries will be:
  • An estimated 8,100,000 pupils will benefit from new textbooks, 1,000,000 from improved teacher effectiveness in early grade reading teaching, 112,000 from new class-rooms, and 80,000 from trained childhood caregivers.
  • Approximately 120,000 teachers in primary schools will benefit through training in teaching early grade reading, improved in-service tutoring, early childhood education, and school leadership.
  • 8,000 school management committee members and head teachers who will receive training.
  • Parents and communities with children in schools covered under the program that will indirectly benefit from higher quality education, greater information and enhanced voice in school management.
  • Staff in the Ministry of Education and Sports as well as district staff managing teachers and education service delivery who will receive training

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