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Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) is organizing the twenty fourth (24th) Annual Education and Sports Sector Review 2017 (ESSR) to review the performance of the sector for FY 2016/17, draw lessons that will guide the implementation of FY 2017/18 planned activities and to inform the budgetary process for FY 2018/19 in line with ESSP 2017-2020.

The Review will be done without field visits. The Report from the recently concluded August 2017 Regional Workshops will be used to inform the Review on key emerging issues and concerns of the stakeholders. The Consultative Workshops were carried out in four regions; Northern Region in Gulu, Eastern Region in Mbale, Central Region in Masaka and Western Region in Mbarara.

The theme for this year's ESSR is "Quality and Relevant Education for Social Economic Transformation: The Role of Key Stakeholders". The Workshop will focus on the quality of education at all levels and the role of stakeholders in its realization.  The theme underscores the need for all stakeholders (Political leaders, Parents, Teachers, Learners, Local Governments, Development Partners, Foundation Bodies, Private Sector and Key Line Ministries) to work together to bring about desired quality  improvement in Education and Sports at all levels.

Emphasis will be put on the pertinent operational issues that directly impact on quality of education. Focus will be on: academic achievement; assessment; effectiveness of Institution inspection; supervision and quality assurance; curriculum delivery; supply and utilization of instructional materials; school management; governance and accountability; parents and the general  community; staff training, recruitment and deployment; utilization and motivation; gender inclusiveness; special needs education; career; guidance and counseling; conflict and disaster management in  Education Training Institutions; use of ICT in education service delivery and physical education and sports.

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Posted 31st, October 2017
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