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Issue Date: 10th, August 2017         Expiry Date: 28th, August 2017

Duties and responsibilities.      

1.Support and deputize the Procurement Specialist inthe Coordination Function for all the procurement activities under the USDP andARSDP Projects.

2.Manage issue, receipt and opening of bids,expressions of interest and proposals from potential service providers,contractors and suppliers.

3.Participate in the evaluation exercises (Expressionof Interest, Quotations, bids and Proposals) and ensure adherence to proceduresand guidelines.

4.Book advertising space forSpecific Procurement and other notices ?n?distribute Tenders / Bid documents to interested bidders.

5.       Ensure proper keeping of procurement records?n? information ?n procurements.

6.      Maintain complete procurement files and recordsincluding all correspondence related to procurement activities and ensure thatthe records are safeguarded and properly kept for future reference.

7.       Organize pre-bid or pre-proposal meetings andnegotiation meetings.

8.       Verify that Procurement requests are in accordanceto the approved Procurement Plan.

9.        Preparationof general and specific procurement notices/ invitation for bids

10.    Facilitate the Post Procurement Reviews (PPR)exercise, and follow up implementation of PPR recommendations

11.    Prepare and update the Contract Register and ensurecompleteness of the procurement files and maintain the Contracts Register

12.    Any other lawful duties as may be assigned by thesupervisor from time to time.